Tuesday, November 4, 2008

yes we did! now stop the lies!

Tonight was amazing. after eight years of failed leadership a new kind of politics is about to start and i think the citizens of america proved tonight that we are ready for that change! i feel honored to have voted in such a historical election but in my celebration of my favorite (not to mention sexiest) presidential canidate to have ever come around i am beyond hurt and saddened by the lies that are being spread like wild fire about him. If you do not agree with President Obama (God thats amazing to say!) you have every right to and i will respect that oppinion fully ONLY if you can back up your reasoning. I am so sick and tired of hearing about obama's link to terrorism especially when our currant president has had a buddy buddy relationship with the most wanted man alive for years. DO NOT try to argue that he is a radical muslim. All this does is make you and the right wing party look even dumber. do your stupid research. he is a christian and always has been BUT like the amazing colin powell stated when he backed obama-if obama was a muslim should we look down on him for that? should a seven year old american muslim boy grow up to believe he could never be president someday? thats sick people! I am a liberal for this reason. I DONT CARE WHAT YOUR PERSONAL BELIEFS ARE. therefore you have no right to care about mine. dont tell me who i can marry, what i can put in my body, try to play God with other peoples lives. its sick. leave us well alone. this country was founded on the basis of freedom yet i cant tell you how many right wing conservatives are arguing that we are taking God out of a christian country. FACT CHECK: this is NOT a christian country. this is a mixing bowl full of people of every race, orientation, sex, religion, etc. that is why i love america so much. im not an america hater like people try to tell me i am. i hate the america we have become but i love the idea america was founded on. TO SAY A MUSLIM PRESIDENT IS WRONG IS UNAMERICAN. so to all you conservatives that dont want diversity in our country i say that YOU are the ones who hate and should 'leave amercia' or at least go back in history and get your facts right!
and just to go a bit further: (this is radical i know but honestly how i feel) i am tired of americans looking at things with a red white and blue Vail over their eyes. we see ourselves as the good guys-the country that goes out and 'helps people' but lift that Vail up. we are in an illeagal OCCUPATION (not war thank you very much) of a country that does not want us there, we have troops still in every country we have ever fought in (including germany from the world war!) and yet we think we are doing the world justice? dont you think the rest of the world would have a better view of us if we really were out there fighting the 'good cause'? i am glad we were able to capture suddam and that he was tried as a criminal but i also think that gives the UN the same right to try our president for his war crimes as well. just because he is president of this country does not give him a get out of jail free card. we do not rule the world and if that is the attitude that america keeps then that is when i say i am ashamed to be an american.
i love i idea of this country, i love the opportunities of this country. like our new president said tonight this election is proof that this country gives opportunities to all. so if you believe that is what makes america great-stop spreading the lies about obama. he is not a muslim. he is not a socialist (thought both i dont see fault in) and he is not a terrorist. he wants to stop the terror that our country has been out doing. he is replacing a terrorist. America is blessed. not just by God but by the people to occupy this country and their personal beliefs and cultures that make us the unique and diverse country we are today. THAT is america. not cowboys and hockey moms. that is but a small fraction of our country. thanks for reading my rant.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Last night i had some of the most painful contractions! they were about 4 1/2 min apart lasting for i think around 3 hours. this is the second time i have had intense contractions but i know that is a good sign. We had our last labor class last night and it was comforting talking to my friend who is in the same situation i am. she is due six days after me but is already effaced and having contractions. we both agree we feel like we are due and should be going into labor any second now and its hard to hear the cold hard truth that realistically we have a few weeks left till our due date. but im glad im not the only one out there having such a tough time in my last trimester. today i couldnt keep any food down until just now so i hope it will stay that way. i got some drinkable yogurt which gave me some energy but thats about all i can do. But you never know how its going to go. last night after the contractions stopped i had a strong craving for eggs and yes at 4:30 in the morning i made four scrammbled eggs. it was yummy but not when it came up this morning.
on a brighter note spencer and i took some pictures in the fall leaves yesterday. i was nervous how that was going to go because i was quite upset at him all day yesterday but getting out and trying to act loving towards eachother actually was great for us and we had a lot of fun taking the pictures. well thats all for now! happy halloween everyone!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

on the edge of mental breakdown!

So i went to the doctor today and was checked for dilation....of course i got my hopes up and im pretty upset that i have not dilated any yet. i am 50% effaced and supposedly thats a good sign but i just was hoping i would follow in the footsteps of my sisters pregnancy. i am just so ready to be done! with my pubic arch still KILLING me it hurts to even move. My vicotin has been helping me but it makes me extra loopy. when i lay down my back starts to hurt so then i go to switch sides but that sends a shooting pain in my pube area. its just all around horrible. i did feel contractions for the first time yesterday early early morning though and that is a good sign but it scared me for labor. they were so painful and only lasted for two hours! im just trying to find a positive side to being pregnant and alas there is nothing. i know i know the end will be worth it but i swear im going to choke the next person who tells me that. its not the end that im worried or fed up with its the NOW!!
spencer and i are about to go take some fall pictures. i am going to pop some vic before i go so i can attempt to feel happy and somewhat painfree while we go play in the leaves. i just hope for max's sake he and i can make it through the next few weeks without killing eachother. scratch that without me killing him. i love that boy with all my heart but its hard when your pregnancy 'partner' is about as mature as the fetus you are carrying. okay. happy pill time. peace for now!

Monday, October 27, 2008

waiting and waiting and waiting....

hello! so i decided to join the bloggers world! and for the next few weeks expect some pregnant bitching. I will be 37 weeks along on Thursday and i really hope my doctor will give me news that i have progressed in some way! i am taking raspberry tea leaves and doing other various things to try and help dilation along. I am trying very hard not to get my hopes up but my sister did the same thing and was induced at 38 weeks. that would be amazing!
I have quite the injury in my pubic arch and soas (sp?) muscle which is making it hell to walk but i am getting adjustments at the chiropractor every week to try and make it somewhat better before labor. I am just so ready to be done with pregnancy. It has been a really rough time and I have still not stopped getting morning sickness....or should i say round the clock sickness. But i know that it is all worth it. The doctor gave me some vicotin which has helped but im rather loopy a lot.
My shower was awesome and i got some amazing stuff for my little rockstar! it was fun but i wasnt feeling my best but i loved seeing a lot of people i hadnt seen in a long time. well i am going to go nap! bye bye for now!